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I need to expose our subversion repo over http / https, as I'm having trouble getting maven and subversion to play over svn+ssh. The real issue is a corporate restriction whereby we're not allowed a generic unix account (so that maven could svn+ssh without using an personal user account). My intention was to use maven with this generic account to perform branch and release functions. I can do this over http as I can then set up a local .htaccess style account to authenticate maven.

My question is if there are any concerns or gotchas I need to be aware of when having some users committing over http and some via svn+ssh?

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if there are any concerns or gotchas I need to be aware

No. Just use the same folder for SVNParentPath in Apache and for -r of svnserve (for simplicity - same hotname, only protocol will differ)

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Accessing a repository using different protocols will work, but in my experience using mod_dav_svn for all user access has many advantages:

  • no user account for SVN access required, use LDAP, and/or "basic" authentication instead,
  • easy tool integration through HTTP(S) transport
  • powerful Apache integration (mod_rewrite, mod_proxy_http...)
  • supports modeling project roles, individually, or with groups, and if necessary on a directory basis,
  • audit friendly access rule storage in a repository (file: method), or in the repository (^ method).

Using multiple blocks for the same repository parent directory will work, too.

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