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I can't seem to require new libs in client-side code with socketstream. I made a new project with 'socketstream new sstest'. The project loads fine. I put "code: ['app', 'libs']," in the ss.client.define section of /app.js.

I put the graphlib-dot.js file in /client/code/libs

This is my entire /client/code/app.js:

 $("#content").replaceWith("Testing SocketStream");
 var dot = require("../libs/graphlib-dot.js");
 var graph = dot.parse("graph a { b c }");

No matter what path I put in that require call, I can't seem to load the lib. Here's what I have tried:


Yes, I reached the point where I was just trying random permutations.

And here's the error I get in the browser console:

 Error: Cannot find module '../libs/graphlib-dot.js'

Interestingly, if I put the lib in /client/code/apps, I can load it with

 var dot = require("/graphlib-dot");

But then I get an error when actually using it:

 TypeError: dot.parse is not a function app.js:6

That same code works in other contexts, so I do know there is a parse function in that library.

Any help navigating this thicket would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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