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I'd like to ignore a bunch of files recursively in our enlistment, such as /bin and /obj and *.user. I have a list of all these patterns in a file called .svnignore which is checked in. I can recursively apply this ignore list to every directory like so:

svn propset svn:ignore -R -F .svnignore .

I run this every so often when we add new projects and stuff. However, now I want to ignore just the /QEData directory in the root (not recursive, just that one instance). So, after running the above command, I then run:

svn propset svn:ignore QEData .

However, this seems to wipe out all the patterns from .svnignore on the root directory and replace them with just the /QEData pattern. How can I add to the ignore list without overriding the existing ignores on that directory?

Note: I'm looking for an answer that can be scripted on Windows and/or PowerShell.

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Non-interactive Windows-type propedit


Each such pseudo-pe will add two empty strings at the end of property-value list, empty lines are ignored SVN on processing anyway

Note about global-ignore


svn propget svn:global-ignores -v
Properties on '.':

and WC like

dir /B /S

with status

svn st --no-ignore
?       Sub
I       b.dat

I.e., in short - If into directory of WC with defined svn:global-ignores pattern added subdir and files in this subdir, matchng and not-matching pattern, TortoiseSVN on commit select all needed and only needed objects

TSVN Commit

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Thanks! Yea, I think the temp file would be the only solution to solve my original problem. But it seems like global-ignores is the way to go for what I'm doing. –  Mike Christensen Jun 19 at 15:41

Can this help?

echo -e "`svn propget svn:ignore`\nQEData" | svn propset svn:ignore -F - .


This can be a base for a script to append ignores


if [ $# -ne 1 ]
    echo -e "Usage: `basename $0` <something to be ignored>\n"
    exit 1


echo -e "`svn propget svn:ignore`\n$IGNORE" | svn propset svn:ignore -F - .
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Ouch, talk about a hack! I can't believe the ignore functionality in Subversion is this bad! –  Mike Christensen Jun 18 at 16:36
ignore functionality in svn is not more than a property, sorry to tell you that :( –  mmonem Jun 18 at 16:37
Which is fine, but there's no way to easily append data to an existing property, nor is there a way for properties to be inherited so every time you add new directories, you have to recursively apply your ignore properties again. –  Mike Christensen Jun 18 at 16:39
Also, this answer just adds the string -e "svn propget svn:ignore\nQEData" to my ignore list. I'll keep messing around with this idea though, and update your answer if I get something working. –  Mike Christensen Jun 18 at 16:43
Oh should have been more specific! Yes, I need a Windows solution. –  Mike Christensen Jun 18 at 17:49

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