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I have a third party framework (which I have developed) as a sub-project of a command line application in Xcode.

If I build my command-line app in Xcode, it builds the framework, then builds the application, links to the framework.

When I run the built application it correctly looks for framework in the application's current working directory. So:

otool -L my_application



However, if I build my application from the command line with xcodebuild, the built application looks in /Library/Frameworks/ for the framework and I get the following runtime error:

dyld: Library not loaded: /Library/Frameworks/MyFramework.framework/Versions/A/MyFramework Referenced from: /path/to/my_application Reason: image not found

So, basically xcodebuild seems to be not running the necessary command (install_name_tool -change?) to update the executable's link to @executable_path/..

My xcodebuild command is of the form:

xcodebuild -project path/to/project.xcodeproj -scheme my_scheme -configuration Release CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR=`pwd`/project

This is with Xcode 4.6 on OS X 10.8.4

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