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I am trying to insert data programmatically into a Excel spreadsheet. However only 6 rows of data is being displayed on the spreadsheet even though the java code writes 100 rows of data (as XML). I have done the following steps and wanted to understand if I am missing some config or property to set in the spreadsheet.

  1. Create a new Excel 2010 spreadsheet which will be used as a template.
  2. Click on Developer tab -> Source -> XML Maps and then import the XSD file.
  3. The root_Map is shown in the XML Source section in the spreadsheets alongwith a blue icon on the repeating XML elements
  4. Drag and drop the elements which are to be displayed on the spreadsheet (in the first sheet)
  5. Save and close the file (*.xlsx)

In Java code,

String xml = getValidXml() 
String path = "C:\\template.xlsx"
File f = new File(path);
XSSFWorkbook  workbook1 = WorkbookFactory.create(f);
// root_Map is the name of the XML Map created in the template spreadsheet above
XSSFMap map1 = workbook1.getMapInfo().getXSSFMapByName("root_Map");
XSSFImportFromXML importer = new XSSFImportFromXML(map1);
FileOutputStream fileOut = new FileOutputStream("C:\\output.xlsx");

When this code runs, only 6 rows of data is inserted into the spreadsheet instead of the expected 100 rows.

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