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I am trying to create a scatter plot that shows the percent of points that lie within each bucket below the x axis as well as along the y axis.

I would like to do something similar to what I did with a histogram (below), but now with x and y values that are in separate dataframes

counts,bins,patches= ax.hist(total)

bin_centers = 0.5 * np.diff(bins) + bins[:-1]
for count, x in zip(counts, bin_centers):
    # Label the percentages
    percent = '%0.0f%%' % (100 * float(count) / counts.sum())
    ax.annotate(percent, xy=(x, 0), xycoords=('data', 'axes fraction'),
        xytext=(0, -32), textcoords='offset points', va='top', ha='center')

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