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Any way to serialize a Scala case class to JSON and have the ability to provide custom serialized names ?

For example, In Java this can be done using the Gson library :

 public class SomeClassWithFields {
   @SerializedName("name") private final String someField;
   private final String someOtherField;

   public SomeClassWithFields(String a, String b) {
     this.someField = a;
     this.someOtherField = b;

I tried doing this in Scala :

case class SomeClassWithFields(@SerializedName("name") someField:String)

but it seems to have no effect .

Any thoughts ?

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You can do it with spray-json calling the jsonFormat overloads.

Here's how it would work with your example:

import spray.json._

case class SomeClassWithFields( someField:String)

object SomeClassJsonProtocol extends DefaultJsonProtocol {
  implicit val someClassFormat = jsonFormat(SomeClassWithFields,"name")
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