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I am using Spring Boot for a simple REST API and would like to return a correct HTTP statuscode if something fails.

@RequestMapping(value="/rawdata/", method = RequestMethod.PUT)
@ResponseStatus( HttpStatus.OK )
public RestModel create(@RequestBody String data) {
    // code ommitted..
    // how do i return a correct status code if something fails?

Being new to Spring and Spring Boot, the basic question is how do i return different status codes when something is ok or fails?

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There are several options you can use. Quite good way is to use exceptions and class for handling called @ControllerAdvice:

class GlobalControllerExceptionHandler {
    @ResponseStatus(HttpStatus.CONFLICT)  // 409
    public void handleConflict() {
        // Nothing to do

Also you can pass HttpServletResponse to controller method and just set response code:

public RestModel create(@RequestBody String data, HttpServletResponse response) {
    // code ommitted..

Please refer to great blog post for details: http://spring.io/blog/2013/11/01/exception-handling-in-spring-mvc

note: In Spring Boot using @ResponseBody annotation is redundant - it's included in @RestController

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Thanks a lot for the clarification! Also in pointing me out the the @ResponseBody –  Marco Jun 18 at 18:48

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