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I am new to Matlab and I am having an issue where two counters in my code do not change value.

 fid = fopen('results.txt', 'wt');
 counter1 = 0;
 counter2 = 3;
 for i=1:size(res_t,1)
     counter1 = counter1 + 1;
     if(counter2 == 3)
         fprintf(fid, '%f ', res_t.time(:,:)); % first column i need the time
         counter2 = 0;
     fprintf(fid, '%f ', res_t.data(:,:)');
     if(counter1 == 3)
         fprintf(fid, '\n'); %after it writes all 3 X,Y,Z i want to change line
         counter1 = 0;
     counter2 = counter2 + 1;
 fclose (fid);

When run, the values of counter1 & counter2 do not change, which means they never meet the If statement conditions. My output file is a file which contains: column 1: time values, columns 2-4: X, Y, Z coordinates respectively.

For example:

Time1     X1     Y1     Z1
Time2     X2     Y2     Z2


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What is res_t? Use the debugger. Step through your code and see what it's doing so you can identify the problem. –  excaza Jun 18 at 18:44
res_t is just a matrix which contains the X, Y, Z values. I want to pass these values in a txt file. but i m sure sth is wrong with the counters, but i cant see it! –  user3474218 Jun 18 at 18:49
What is the size of res_t and what data type is it? –  excaza Jun 18 at 19:01

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My guess is that size(res_t, 1) returns 1, which would mean your loop only executes once. rest_t looks like a struct containing a single element.

Also, what do you mean by "compiled"? If you are simply running your code in the matlab environment, then it is interpreted, not compiled.

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the compiled word came from the edit that was done to my question .. not my fault –  user3474218 Jun 18 at 19:39
res_t is an array having 9 rows and 3 columns, and i want to do the for loop 9 times. how can i get this "9" value in order to run the for-loop? –  user3474218 Jun 18 at 19:41
Is res_t a 9x3 array or is it res_t.data? –  Dima Jun 18 at 20:52
res_t.data is 9x3 array –  user3474218 Jun 19 at 16:11

I'm not sure the format of your res_t object, but you could just forego the if statements altogether with something

% Iterate over elements in your time vector
for ii = 1:size(res_t.time, 1)

    % Print time and data to a line, followed by a line feed
    fprintf(fid, "%f  %f  %f  %f\n", res_t.time(ii), res_t.data(ii,1), res_t.data(ii,2), res_t.data(ii,3))


If res_t is a structure with two different arrays in it, time and data, then you are going to want to iterate through the rows of res_t.time (thus the size(res_t.time, 1) statement). The above should replace each %f with an element from the list of arguments that follows, and then print a new line, so you should get something like:

time1  x1  y1  z1
time2  x2  y2  z2

This assumes that your res_t.data array has three columns, X Y Z, and the same number of rows (or more) as your res_t.time array.

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omg, i just had to write size(res_t.data) .. thanks a lot! –  user3474218 Jun 18 at 19:44

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