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I'm trying to use multiple patterns with glob, but only for directories. So i tried

foreach (glob("{*,../img/*}", GLOB_BRACE | GLOB_ONLYDIR) as $dir)

but it's empty and nothing happens

foreach (glob("../img/*", GLOB_ONLYDIR) as $dir)

works as expected.

is there a way to find the directories with multiple patterns or do i have to start a second foreach-loop?

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the first command works as expected for me. –  hek2mgl Jun 18 at 19:20
the first or the second snippet? the first snippet doesn't return anything in my case –  sinini Jun 18 at 19:27
Which operating system are you using? –  hek2mgl Jun 18 at 19:37
Note: The GLOB_BRACE flag is not available on some non GNU systems, like Solaris. –  Khôi Jun 18 at 19:38
Works fine on Windows, PHP 5.5.9 –  AbraCadaver Jun 18 at 19:43

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