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I try to select one option in the following html :

<select class="gwt-ListBox" style="" gwtdebugid="signup-flow-choose-timezones">
   <option value="">Ahora seleccione una zona horaria:</option>
   <option value="">------</option>
   <option value="Pacific/Honolulu">(GMT-10:00) Hora de Hawai</option>
   <option value="America/Anchorage">(GMT-09:00) Hora de Alaska</option>
   <option value="America/Los_Angeles">(GMT-08:00) Hora del Pacífico</option>
   <option value="America/Denver">(GMT-07:00) Hora de las Montañas Rocosas</option>
   <option value="America/Phoenix">(GMT-07:00) Hora de las Montañas Rocosas - Arizona</option>
   <option value="America/Chicago">(GMT-06:00) Hora central</option>
   <option value="America/New_York">(GMT-05:00) Hora del Este</option>

When this option is selected good via click for example in the web page one button is enabled. I try to select with the following code :

var option = ie.SelectList(Find.By("gwtdebugid", s => s.Equals("signup-flow-choose-timezones"))).Options[3];

But with this code the button remains disabled, nothing happens.

I try to run too JQuery code with the Eval() function in Watin in the following way :


But I get the following exception :

ReferenceError: '$' is not defined.

Any help is very appreciated.

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Here how i do this

//My drop down list
SelectList ddlAccounts = ie.SelectList(Find.ById("ddlClientNumbers_m_ddl"));    
//here i select option that i need
//Or select by value your case

you can add to be sure that browser is finished to load


Buy i think you problem in another place if you button in Frame and not in ie,,sow that mean you need to load your frame each time after ddlAccounts.Options[i].Select();

Frame yourFrame = ie.Frame(Find.ById("id"));
SelectList ddlAccounts = ie.SelectList(Find.ById("ddlClientNumbers_m_ddl"));    
//and load frame again
yourFrame = ie.Frame(Find.ById("id"));

and the you can look for you updated button

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