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First of all, i have to say that i run a Gui that has to axes, axes1, axes2 .Then i open a file an animate it in the axes1.Then i open another file and animate in axes2. The problem is that i have a button,that when it pushed it must provoke the animation of both files in both axes simultaneously. Is it possible ?

My code for the button is

function compare_animation_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)
play_Callback(hObject,eventdata, handles);%axes1
play_results_Callback(hObject,eventdata, handles) %axe2

The problem is in the animation code, because the only file that is animated is the second.The code for the animation is:

handles = startAnimation(~,handles)
% pause the animation that might currently be running

% prepare animation controls
frames_total = max([handles.mot.nframes]);
set(handles.slider_animate, 'Enable','on','Max', frames_total+.001,'Value', 1,'SliderStep', [1/frames_total 1/frames_total]);
set(handles.slider_speed, 'Enable','on');
speed = get(handles.slider_speed,'Value');

% set some properties for the animation
%not important 

%rehash path 

cla reset;
% start animation
VARS_GLOBAL_ANIM.animation_paused = false;

Last the last function that is called is new_animate (...), at the end of the function Start_animation. In the function the only code that refers to figure or axes is :


desired_frame_time = VARS_GLOBAL_ANIM.mot(1).frameTime;

if (~isempty(VARS_GLOBAL_ANIM.figure_camera_file))
    h = str2func(VARS_GLOBAL_ANIM.figure_camera_file);
    feval(h, gca);

if (~isempty(VARS_GLOBAL_ANIM.figure_position))

The function new_animate_initGraphics(if is needed i can upload it)is to big to have it all..Of course the code isn't mine. I can't understand how to use the gca properly in order not to lose one animation and both simultaneously??

Any advice will be helpful.

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Would this answer help? –  kkuilla Jun 19 '14 at 7:43
I believe no.That is at the same axe.I want 2 axes to animate 2 different sequences.I may try to put both animation at the same but i think the problem is that i can;t figure how to avoid the gca,'Current axes' method –  pap-00 Jun 19 '14 at 8:14

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