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For example:

Ti.API.info("My log message")

I am trying to print this into an actual device console on my iphone. (It works fine for the simulator console)


As shown here.

However, within the native iphone console, Ti.API.info("My log message") never gets printed. Only native ios based logs.

I have tired everything from changing the log levels in the simulator to "debug", without success.

I have tried Iphone configuration utility and Xcode organizer console.

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Try console.log(). Also check if you haven't overwrite Ti.API.info function by accident. What Titanium SDK version are you using? –  daniula Jun 18 '14 at 21:06
Ive tried console.log - only prints out in simulator console. Using sdk version 3.2.3 GA –  user3754111 Jun 18 '14 at 21:11

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