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I am writing a return value into a temp value to evaluate it:

function get_me_something() {
 do something with $result;
 return $result;

echo get_me_something;

What I would like is to echo only if value is NOT 0

$temp = get_me_something;
$temp != 0 ? echo $temp : "";

Is it possible to echo only on certain value?

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Would this work: echo get_me_something() ?: ''? ($a ?: $b is shorthand for $a ? $a : $b and exists in PHP 5.3+) It will check if the function's return value is "truthy" (…) and then print the value if it is, otherwise it prints nothing. – Rocket Hazmat Jun 18 '14 at 20:33
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Why not:

$temp = get_me_something();
echo $temp !== 0 ? $temp : "";
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If you use echo you will always output something ( even empty ), and it's a bad pratice to use echo when you maybe are not expecting to output anything.

You can do:

if(($return = get_me_something()) !== 0)
  echo $return;

The if statement will both assign get_me_something() to $return and use $return as part of the comparison.

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