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I am having a rather awful time trying to establish the cause of a Facebook Login problem I am having.

My app has the Facebook Unity SDK installed (latest current version 5.1) and is being tested on a HTC 1 mini 2. The SDK works just fine on IOS, and I have tried a number of specified tricks from previous forums:

1: Using the recommended openSSL executables to generate the debug hash

2: Checking the hash in code to make sure the correct one is saved in FB

3: Installed a modified version of the SDK that adhere's strictly to the debug.keystore files used when exported from Unity

4: Make sure the orientation is fixed correctly for the pop up (I am in landscape mode)

Like so many the web authorisation works a treat. When FB is enabled on the phone it takes over and delivers the following text in the FBResult object:

{"is_logged_in" : false, user_id : "" etc}

To describe the process in detail:

Open, login to facebook (no rotation), login popup with waiting animation, close, weird blink which makes me wonder if an activity is broken (again, the rotation should be sorted - I am using reverseLandscape to be precise), above JSON, I get angry, press login again, message saying "This app has stopped working", forced exit. I cry.

This is not a fun problem and I need some expert advice here. Anything from the Unity FB development team would be greatly appreciated. Also, I don't suppose you have provided a way where we can default to the web method? Actually to put it another way, why don't you do that? Just as a fail safe? Deadline is very tight with what I'm building and that wouldn't matter so much.

To add further info, this is the LogCat output at the end:

W/ActivityManager( 1114): Activity destroy timeout for ActivityRecord{4251ff00 u
0 com.xxx.xxx/com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayerNativeActivity t90 f}
W/ActivityManager( 1114): Activity destroy timeout for ActivityRecord{42828300 u
0 com.xxx.xxx/com.facebook.unity.FBUnityLoginActivity t90 f} 

And links to what I have already looked at, there were others but pretty tired, this one covers a lot of points:

key hash for android-facebook app

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