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I'm attempting to use OAuth in my mobile app, and I'm having some trouble signing the request. I can't tell if I'm making a mistake in the actual signing process, or if I'm making a mistake in composing the string for the signature.

For a test endpoint, I'm using this site:


And I've tried several of the HMAC-SHA1 encryption functions listed here:

Objective-C sample code for HMAC-SHA1

Based on what I've been able to piece together from the example listed on the endpoint, along with other how-to pieces, my current plan is as follows:

1) I create an NSMutableURLRequest with the request endpoint URL, and append the following as URL arguments (with values)

  • oauth_consumer_key
  • redirect_uri
  • oauth_signature_method
  • oauth_nonce
  • oauth_timestamp
  • oauth_version

2) Percent-encode that request.

3) Encrypt the encoded request using any of the encryption functions listed above to get the signature.

4) Append the signature on to the original request with the key "oauth_signature" and dispatch the request.

When I hit the endpoint with a request composed in this way, it tells me that the signature is invalid.

I'd obviously appreciate any help getting this off the ground, but I'd also be interested in a more generic overview of the signing process. I've had trouble finding a concise explanation of the signing of OAuth requests; everything I've found so far sort of glosses over that part. I don't know if that's because it's different for every server, or if I'm missing something simple.

Thank you.

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