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I'm trying to get off visual studio for HTML/Javascript apps. I bought Web storm, but struggling to fins a way to simply run my project on a local web server with a single keystroke.

I setup a local IIS server for webstorm and configured the deployment to upload to web server (local file copy). It seems to be a lot more effort and giving how much people rave about WebStorm, I feel i'm missing something. Right now I'm working on an Angular app that communicates via back end using Rest. I also use less (I haven't setup less compilation yet because I'm working on the controllers and services so current projects UI has no CSS yet. I realize I'll have to use grunt or setup filewatchers for this. My goal is to have automatic unit tests run, less style sheets compiled, JSHint run automatically and have a single button i can press to run the latest version on the local web server.

I know there's auto upload, but will handle stuff like less correctly.

Has anyone else made the transition and if so, are there any tips you can share? Or is there anyone who's doing something similar and has a really good workflow/setup.



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Well... WebStorm supports all the things you have listed... There are different ways to run JSHint, tests and compilers there, but, if you need to do everything in a single click, Grunt seems to be the best option –  lena Jun 19 at 14:45

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