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I've got a scenario where I'm playing arbitrary audio (chosen via MPMediaPickerController) while simultaneously playing a movie. My first cut used a combination of an AVPlayer (for the movie) alongside an AVAudioPlayer and this worked great on the device and over Airplay. However, I found that AVAudioPlayer wouldn't let me play DRM-locked content... So, I decided to switch to using an MPMusicPlayerController to play the audio. This works great on the device, but fails over airplay. When I switch to airplay I can see the Apple TV "think" for a moment then simply play the audio (sometimes?) and sometimes it just times out and switches back to the device with no error message in the log...

I've tried using an MPMoviePlayerController with an MPMusicPlayerController and get the exact same results.

Has anyone else run into this issue? Is it possible to Airplay DRM-locked audio while playing a video simultaneously? Again, this works fine on the device, but Airplay barfs.

Any response is appreciated! Thanks.

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