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I am trying to share a json object between multiple processes. The code is written in C. Currently I am using json-c, which works quite well. Is there a way to force the library to allocate into shared memory? If not, what c library will allow me to do this?


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consider your json just an array of bytes. sharing a trunk of bytes in C is just like eating cake –  Jon Dinham Jun 19 at 4:46
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Your question is OS specific. I guess it is on Linux.

I dont see an easy way (in particular for a varying JSON), since shared memory has some fixed size, see shm_overview(7). Or at least build the JSON string, then allocate the shared memory (of big enough size) for it and copy the JSON string.

Did you consider using a RAM filesystem, e.g. a tmpfs filesystem? That should be fast.


Customizing the memory allocator of the JSON library (like jansson does - source code is on github) is not enough, because different processes usually share memory at different addresses.

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Basically all that is required is to be able to specify how memory is allocated and freed. Does anyone know of a json library that allows that. –  Mobius Jun 19 at 12:39
@Mobius That depends. Shared memory segments is often mapped at different locations in different processes. That means you can't store objects that contains pointers in a shared memory segment, as those pointers are only valid within the process that created them. –  nos Jun 19 at 15:24
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