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I wanted to learn game development with Adobe Gaming SDK. I have never used any of the tools before but I have good programming experience.

I am confused on how to start learning Adobe Gaming SDK. I couldn't find any tutorials or books on Adobe Gaming SDK. There is lot of information on Flash.

If I start learning Flash will I be learning Adobe Gaming SDK? What’s the difference?

Can anyone tell me, how to start learning Adobe Gaming SDK?

Is there any books or tutorials that I could use?

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Did you go through the official website. Look here

Here's list of SDK s that might be useful for you to get started

This answers your Flash question

There are plenty of materials about game development in Flash/Actionscript3, but I would recommend you to learn about a game engine first. It will make your life easier and will help you make a game faster (which will boost your motivation).

Two famous Flash game engines are Flixel and Starling. Start by checking these GamedevTuts+ guides: how to learn Flixel and how to learn Starling (there is an article about how to learn Flash/AS3 too).

I would recommend you to take a look at GamedevTuts+. It has several resources about game development, from simple concepts to more advanced things. You will find articles for people with no programming experience at all. It's a great place to start as a novice game developer.

You could also use Phaser to create your games. It's an easy to learn HTML5 game engine, it doesn't require several tools to develop with (all you need is a code editor and a web server) and your game will run on any modern browser.

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