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I need to make a .net application where I must detect a specific object the user is holding, using a camera.

If the object must have some specific characteristics so that it can be easily recognized and detected from the surrounding space, please give me some tips (ex a green cube?)

What would be the best technique/.net library to use? I need to translate in realtime the user's hand movement and display an animation on screen accordingly.

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for motion detection: find the good features(corners,ie.) and feed them into a lucas-kanada optical flow algorithm. opencv has those functions but I don't know if opencvnet has it or not.

if your object has a specific feature, like being the greenest in the scene for example, you can use thresholding. otherwise you need to use pattern recognition techniques.
pseudo code:

threshold1 = 128
threshold2 = 64
foreach Pixel p in Picture
 if (p.Green > 128) and (p.Red < threshold2) and (p.Blue < threshold2)
   outputImage.CurrentPixel = 255
   outputImage.CurrentPixel = 0

here you'll have your image which greens are shown as white and the rest is black

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+1 cause its not just a "look at this link" –  Dann Jan 6 '11 at 21:38

You're looking for AForge.Net.
See also this article.

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I would suggest coming up to speed on OpenCV, Emgu CV's the .NET port I use.

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