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am currently studying jquery, can someone tell me the things that javascript native can do which jquery cannot ?

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technically incorrect to call javascript native code? –  expiredninja Aug 3 '11 at 14:03

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In short: nothing

jQuery is an abstraction layer on top of plain JavaScript, it is JavaScript, it just adds a bunch of shortcuts to common tasks, usually in a highly optimized and cross-browser way.

It doesn't take anything away, you can mix and match all you want, jQuery simply adds to your options.

I'd take a look at the jQuery getting started documentation for more questions you might have like this.

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@Downvoter - Helps to mention why, if you don't mention why you think an answer is incorrect, it helps no-one... –  Nick Craver Mar 12 '10 at 2:42
thanks for this –  sasori Mar 12 '10 at 2:44
Your check is in the mail, Nick. :) –  Robusto Mar 12 '10 at 2:50
Hmmm, I think that this requires looking at what is lost, which I would say is that speed hit from including jquery. Which makes caching via google's CDN hosting of jQuery a useful tactic. There's always a tradeoff, is the point. –  Kzqai Mar 12 '10 at 2:58
Yes. What native javascript can do that jQuery cannot is: avoid the need to include the hit of that library download and any subsequent processor-use overhead. Personally I don't consider that a worthwhile tipping factor, but it may be important for performance considerations. –  Kzqai Mar 12 '10 at 3:09

jQuery is a library for Javascript which adds additional features.
It doesn't replace anything.

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thanks for this as well –  sasori Mar 12 '10 at 2:45
Why was this downvoted? –  SLaks Mar 12 '10 at 13:21

None i think. But there maybe some things that jQuery can do but JavaScript cannot.

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jQuery is Javascript. By definition, there is nothing that jQuery can do that Javascript cannot. –  SLaks Mar 12 '10 at 2:40
thanks for this too –  sasori Mar 12 '10 at 2:44

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