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In such code, what it is called, \\n like this?

cout<<"Hello\\n \'world\'!";

What's the basic rule about such characters?

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\n is an escape sequence to print a new line. Now if you want to print a \n ( a literal \n that is a slash followed by an n) on the screen you need to escape the \ like \\. So \\n will make \n print on the screen.

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Your literal backslash is missing something ... –  Daniel Newby Mar 12 '10 at 2:54

I suppose your question is about escape characters? They are a part of string literal declarations, not stream operations. See documentation for more details on escape sequences.

In particular: \n signifies new line, \t signifies TAB character, \" signifies a quote character.

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In computing, we call those escape characters.

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\n is a newline character; it signals the end of a line of text.

\\ is an escaped backslash, so it will print \. So \\n will just print a literal "\n" to the console.

For more information about C escape sequences, see Escape Sequences (MSDN).

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The backslash before n is escaped here, so no. –  Georg Fritzsche Mar 12 '10 at 3:01

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