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I am referring to the code in this answer. I added error handling though. The open() erase and the read() all perform without error and the 20 bytes that I read all are 0xff. However, when trying to write the 20 bytes from the data[] array, I get an EINVAL errorcode from the write() function. What could be the cause of the problem? I did erase the memory before trying to write...

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Can you give some more information about the system you are attempting to do this on? –  rjp Jun 19 at 14:04
It's a linux kernel 3.6.9 on a custom board with an ARM Cortex-A5 and 128MB of NAND Flash. –  tzippy Jun 20 at 9:20
That answer explains possible causes for EINVAL - have you eliminated all of those reasons? –  6EQUJ5 Jun 21 at 6:25

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