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I've an application where I use twitter streaming API with status filters. I use the twitter4j client for this. The status filters are determined at runtime and they are added into a queue. On adding filters into the queue, separate thread is created which in turn spawns streaming http connection to twitter. Along with these filters, I have added "followings" field to track the tweets made by a particular user. The same twitterUserId is added as part of all threads. When the user with this twitterUserId tweets, I should ideally see all the threads fetching this tweet. But I don't see this happening always. At times only few threads see the tweet and sometimes all of them see this tweet. I see that this functionality is quite flaky. What can the issue with this?

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For general streams, you should only make one connection from the same IP.


As long you're connecting from the same IP address you can have only one standing connection to the public streams.

Why do you need multiple threads?

In a single stream you can filter 400 track keywords and 5,000 follow userids.

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