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I don't how to ask this, but assuming the user goes to "Accounting" > "Suppliers" > "Purchase Receipts", now i need to do something only at that very page. How do i know that i am at that page? My solution is to get a variable from instance but I'm not getting any luck or am I looking at this the wrong way?

My code:

instance.web.ViewManagerAction = instance.web.ViewManagerAction.extend({
    switch_mode: function(view_type, no_store, view_options){

        // for Testing, output to console the results that are similar to this
        console.log( "account.voucher" + "action='action_purchase_receipt'" );

        // some other code

        return  this._super(view_type, no_store, view_options);

Code from /addons/account_voucher:

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In your method just call self._name to get the model name.

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