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I have a windows phone 8.1 map (RT) with a template for databinding like this:

        Center="{Binding MyGeoCoordinate, Mode=TwoWay}"
        ZoomLevel="17" CenterChanged="mainMap_CenterChanged"
        <Maps:MapItemsControl x:Name="mapItems" >
            <Maps:MapItemsControl.ItemTemplate >
                    <DataTemplate >
                        <Button x:Name="boton" Style="{StaticResource Pushpin}" 
                                Maps:MapControl.Location="{Binding location}" 
                                Background="{StaticResource Fondooscuro}" 
                                Width="53"  Height="25">
                        <Image Source="{Binding type_usable}" Height="35" VerticalAlignment="Bottom"/>

For the data collecting and binding I have a Mvvm class with this function:

public async void localespincho()
        ViewModelPlaceReduced vm = new ViewModelPlaceReduced();
        List<Place> a = new List<Place>();
        if (callpinchos == false)
            callpinchos = true;
            ObservableCollection<Place> list = await vm.GetPlaceReduced(MyGeoCoordinate.Position.Latitude, MyGeoCoordinate.Position.Longitude);
            foreach (Place item in list)
            callpinchos = false;
            if (morepinchos == true)
                morepinchos = false;
                listado = a;
            morepinchos = true;

All seems to work perfect. On launching I have a first call to the function in the constructor who populates the map, then each time the center moves I have a command who also calls the function and repopulates the map.

The problem is that as the list changes each time, the map does a clearing redrawing effect with a not very nice blink.

As I noticed there is no way to direct changing the map items, and any change I made on the list population or makes the blink, or don't fires the RaisePropertyChanged event and the map is not updated.

Any sugestion?

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