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I have been given an XML feed to get data from to use on a clients website, I have worked with XML before when the file is somfile.xml and for this I use simplexml_load_file, however the feed I have been given to work with is mmluxuryvillas.com/mmtoxml.php a PHP file. simplexml_load_file returns bool(false) when trying to read this file.

Below is the code I am using, which works if I create a test.xml file but not on the feed I have been given, how can I iterate through this data:

$url = "mmluxuryvillas.com/mmtoxml.php";
$xml = simplexml_load_file($url);


foreach($xml->item as $item) {

    echo "<p>".$item->inmueble."</p>";


Regards Rick

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You might have to use file_get_contents to get the contents from PHP file before applying simplexml_load_file –  prava Jun 19 at 9:10
ahhhh I will answer my own question when I can the url should be starting with http:// –  Rik89 Jun 19 at 9:16
When you develop, spare yourself some time by enabling error reporting and logging to the highest level. you will then get a lot of useful information what might have been gone wrong. stackoverflow.com/questions/845021/… –  hakre Jun 19 at 17:15

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The answer is that the http:// was missing from the url, with this it works perfectly... Hope this helps someone in the future!

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