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I am evaluating datamining packages.
I have find these two so far:

  • RapidMiner
  • Weka
  • Do you have any experience to share with these two products, or any other product to recommend me?

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    According to the yearly KDnuggets Polls 2007, 2008, and 2009, RapidMiner is the most widely used Open Source Data Mining Solution among data mining experts world-wide: KDnuggets Data Mining Tool Poll 2009

    RapidMiner is open source and 100% Java, RapidMiner is much more flexible and offers significantly more functionality than Weka and KNIME.

    Regarding SVM implementations: Weka comes with one such implementation (LibSVM), while RapidMiner provides four SVM implementations (LibSVM, MySVM, EvoSVM, SMO-SVM), some of them with more advanced features.

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    Another alternative would be Orange. It includes various algorithms and data mining techniques that you can access either directly through Python scripts or through GUI.

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    Re-invent the wheel and code directly in R !

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    +1 for Laziness, Impatience, and Hubris. –  Marc Bollinger Jun 17 '10 at 2:05

    Pentaho is a nice suit for Business Intelligence. So maybe you would like to take a look at it. I have some experience in it, mainly for data warehousing and was quite happy.

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    It seems like Pentaho is a major sponsor of Weka: weka.sf.net –  Miguel Ping Oct 28 '08 at 13:59
    Didn't know that. Maybe I have to re-view Weka. –  Roman Glass Oct 28 '08 at 14:47

    If you are interested in some Java code related to frequent pattern mining, association rules and sequential pattern mining, I have a small open-source projects that has 42 algorithms related to these topics: http://www.philippe-fournier-viger.com/spmf/

    However, please note that it does not provide any user interface. But it provides some very specialized algorithms that you will not find in other data mining packages.

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    I have used Weka in a high school course, and it had a nice SVM implementation. This was 4 or 5 years ago.

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    (KNIME ) is fairly extensive data mining platform.

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    According to the KDnuggets Poll 2011, RapidMiner once more is the most widely used data mining solution world-wide: http://www.kdnuggets.com/2011/05/tools-used-analytics-data-mining.html

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    Have a look at ELKI, which is like WEKA except it is much much stronger on clustering and outlier detection, while WEKA essentially only does classification well.

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    As said before, Pentaho is a powerful Business Intelligence suite which WEKA belong to.

    So I'd also recommand Weka, just for the sake that you have a great solution to extend your application and a great community also.

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