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after updating npm, installing docpad (npm install -g docpad) i've validate that my PATH has git and npm. i use docpad run and i got the following output:

C:\Work\Edu\docpad>docpad run

info: Welcome to DocPad v6.69.0 (global installation: C:\Users\Eliran\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\docpad) notice: If everyone who saw this message donated $1/week, maintaining DocPad wou ld become sustainable: info: Contribute: info: Plugins: info: Environment: development Before we continue, have you read and agree to DocPad's Terms of Service () and Privacy Policy ()? [Y/n] Y


now nothing happens, its just like i've pressed "n". tried several times, any tips ? using windows 8.1 64bit.

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You can run docpad run --silent to skip that question.

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This appears to be a known issue and is referenced here:

The workaround described is to manually create the .docpad.cson file in your Windows/Users/[username]/ directory with the following (sample) content:

   name: "Your name"
   email: "Your email"
   username: "Your username"
   subscribed: true
   subscribeTryAgain: null
   tos: true
   identified: true

Once the file is created, start docpad as before.

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The answer by @syner2 is a good permanent answer. There is also the option to add the --offline parameter when you run docpad, as mentioned in this bug report.

Also, this is most definitely a bug. It will hopefully be fixed in the future, or at least a useful error should be displayed to make it easier to lookup the issue.

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