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I've been working with the netbarcodewriter library from https://github.com/simongh/barcodes and have been able to successfully generate code 128 barcodes. It fails when I try to encode (95)00209(96)0004471(97)0065(98)1931 with the EAN128 using the GS1Builder.

Below is an example in LinqPad:

GS1Builder gs1= new GS1Builder();
// add the AIs
var ean128 = new EAN128();
bmp = ean128.Generate(gs1, new BarcodeSettings { BarHeight = 65 });

I get a FormatException in EncodeCodeC when trying int.Parse(value) where value contains FNC1. I know this is likely my lack of understanding of EAN128, but I can't see what I'm missing.

EDIT I have also stripped the FNC1 character before parsing, but I end up with an invalid barcode image.

EDIT 2 When I simply concatenate the AIs and values ((95)00209(96)0004471(97)0065(98)1931 -> 9500209960004471970065981931), and encode that as CODE128 the scanners return the exact same value as a valid EAN128 with the same values. Does that mean that I can modify this to simply encode as Code128, but display friendly human readable text below the image? How can I generate EAN128 barcodes?

Has anyone been able to successfully generate EAN128 barcodes with this libarary?


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Did you read the EAN128 spec and make sure your encoded value conforms to the rules? barcodeisland.com/uccean128.phtml –  Shane Wealti Jun 19 '14 at 13:24
Yes. And again after your comment, but comparing it with the specification from the customer doesn't leave much room for variation. They selected those Application Identifiers and specified the values/length of each AI to use. –  reckface Jun 19 '14 at 16:17
We ended up buying the Softmatic barcode library full corporate licence, and we can now generate all these barcodes we need (and more). –  reckface Jul 3 '14 at 16:42

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