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If I have a dataframe df:

df <- data.frame(var_1 = c("abcd","abc","ab"), var_2 = c("abcd","abc","ab"))
df$var_1 <- as.character(df$var_1)
df$var_2 <- as.character(df$var_2)

Say I want to blank the rows in var_1 which are under 3 characters, I would usually do this:

df$var_1 <- ifelse(nchar(df$var_1) < 3,NA,df$var_1) 

Now say I want to turn this into a function so I can apply this to any column. I create the function that takes a column name as an input:

Func <- function(input_col) {
    df[input_col] <- ifelse(nchar(df[input_col]) <3,NA,df[input_col])

However this does not produce anything when I run:

df <- Func(input_col = "var_1")

How can I create this function? Would I be better off using one of the apply functions here?

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Unrelated to your actual question, but let me point out that you can avoid lines 2 and 3 by adding stringsAsFactors=FALSE as an option to data.frame(). – coffeinjunky Jun 19 '14 at 11:30
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You need commas:

Func <- function(input_col) {
  df[,input_col] <- 
    ifelse(nchar(df[,input_col]) <3,

  #return df
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Assuming all your columns are character columns you can do this:

df[sapply(df, nchar) < 3] <- NA

And if it's not ok to assume all columns are character columns, this should work:

d <- sapply(df, is.character)
short <- sapply(df[d], nchar) < 3
df[d][short] <- NA
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Thank you, good to know – Zfunk Jun 19 '14 at 12:15

I'd use apply:

apply(df, c(1, 2), function(x){ifelse(nchar(x)<3, NA, x)})

kind greetings

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lapply might be better here, e.g. df[] <- lapply(df, function(x) ifelse(nchar(x) < 3, NA,x )) – docendo discimus Jun 19 '14 at 11:38

You may also use:

library(plyr) <- colwise(nchar)(df) < 3
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