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I have chef-solo installed on ubuntu(12.04). I have been able to successfully install eclipse using the cookbook provided in the following site:

Now i wish to add the pydev plugin to this using chef-solo. Can someone help me on how i can do this. Do i need a new cookbook (if yes then where can i find the cookbook) or is some editing required in the existing eclipse cookbook(if yes then what is it)?

I am new to chef. Please help Thank you

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cookbook delivers a method to install the eclipse plugins.

default ['Eclipse'] ['plugins'] - list of repositories and install plugins to Automatically With This eclipse deployment

for pydev:

"default_attributes": {
   "eclipse": {
     "plugins": [{"" => ""}]

check this issues (certificate error)

I guess installing the certificate should work correctly.

you would have to adapt this code to automatically add the certificate.

Another option is to adapt the cookbook for install liclipse (eclipse + PyDev)

Sorry for my English.

Best regards

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I added the code provided in your solution in my cookbook and ran it using chef(got no errors with respect to license), instead it gave me the following error error: Chef::Exceptions::ContentLengthMismatch . In order to fix this error i followed the explanation given in the following site [link] (, and set "no_lazy_load true" in my client.rb config. Doing this removed the error. Eclipse starts smoothly but the pydev plugin is not installed. :( what could be the problem. Could you please suggest. – user3752122 Jun 23 '14 at 5:49
I would like to add. In eclipse UI when i look under Help>>About Eclipse>>Installation Details , i can see that pydev plugin is installed version(3.5). I am guessing maybe there is some problem with this version. Is there anyway i can mention a lower version within the cookbook? – user3752122 Jun 23 '14 at 11:31

I ran the eclipse cookbook in a vm with ubuntu 12.04 and install pydev without problems, attached to the chef-solo json file.

  "java": {
    "jdk_version": "7"
  "eclipse": {
    "plugins": [ {"": ""} ]
  "run_list": [

If it does not work, attached the json file and debug log of chef run

Best Regards

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