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I apologize if this is a really stupid question. I have data in the format:

etc etc etc <span>etc etc etc</span> etc etc etc
etc etc etc <span>etc etc etc</span> etc etc etc
etc etc etc <span>etc etc etc</span> etc etc etc

Is there a way to grep each line for a match that falls outside of the span tags on either side?

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What exactly are you looking for? A string that is present but only if it's not present within the span tags? – Kaleb Pederson Mar 12 '10 at 5:33
i just need to find all the lines where a specific string occurs outside of the tag -- if it shows up inside, it's fine but it's not considered a match. – Calvin Mar 12 '10 at 6:18
Thanks for clarifying. – Kaleb Pederson Mar 12 '10 at 6:27
grep "\(StringGoesHere.*<span>.*</span>\)\|\(<span>.*</span>.*StringGoesHere\)"

This just tests for StringGoesHere before the span tags, and again after the span tags. This won't work if there is more than 1 set of span tags per line, and also won't work if the line doesn't have any span tags.

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Correct, though a small verbal explanation might help. – Kaleb Pederson Mar 12 '10 at 6:29

use gawk if you have it (state your OS next time)

gawk 'BEGIN{
  if( a[1] ~ /word/){
    print "found: "a[1]" in line: "NR
} ' file


$ cat file
word <span> word blah</span> word
word <span> word
word etc <span> word blah</span> etc

$ ./
found: word  in line: 1
found:  word
word  in line: 2
word etc  in line: 3
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Or try sed:

sed 's:<span>.*</span>::' <FILE>


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grep "SearchString" | grep -v "<span>.*SearchString.*</span>"

should find any line at all with SearchString, then remove the lines where SearchString is inside <span> ... </span>.

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