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Background: I'm writing a storage server, which has to be capable of receiving large binary files simultaneously and handle them in seperate threads once they are received. To accomplish this, I'm using bottle running a threaded WSGIServer. I'm stuck on how to receive data send through a generator.

Server implementation:

from socketserver import ThreadingMixIn
from bottle import WSGIRefServer

class ThreadedWSGIServer(ThreadingMixIn, WSGIRefServer):

My upload function is implemented as follows:

def _upload(self, path=None):
    data = request.files.data
    if data and data.file:
        if not path:
            path = data.filename
        ul = Upload(self._db, data, path)
        except NoActiveStorageFound:
            # If the file can be stored, a handler thread within upload is started, otherwise return 404
            abort(404, "Could not find an active storage")
    return "No data received"

My testcode is as follows:

def postFile(self, file, dest, params, headers):
    buffer = queue.Queue()
    rv = None
    t = threading.Thread(
        args=(dest, params, headers, buffer, rv))
    clength = headers.get("Content-Length", 0)
        received = 0
        while received < clength:
            buff = file.read(min(102400, clength-received))
            if not buff:
            received += len(buff)
        self.assertEqual(clength, received)
    except Exception as e:
        return rv

def writeThrough(dest, params, headers, buffer, rv):
    def gen():
        buff = buffer.get()
        while buff != None:
            yield buff
            buff = buffer.get()
    rv = requests.post(dest, headers=headers, data=gen())

The upload works when using a simple form to upload files, but it doesn't when sending data with a generator. When debugging, both data = request.files.data and rv = requests.post(dest, headers=headers, data=gen()) show a single 'attribute' wait: for network, and they keep blocking without ever returning.

Any ideas on how to get this to work would be greatly appreciated.

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