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Im wondering how to find node with name which was recently created.

   [myWorld enumerateChildNodesWithName:name usingBlock:^(SKNode *node, BOOL *stop) {
     mysterious code

But this functions goes through all nodes with var name I want to just do my code on recently created node.

I mean i have node with names:

nodeId1   -old
nodeId1   -old
nodeId1   -old
nodeId1   -newest already created
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You can just assign every node you add to the same ivar. By definition the ivar will reference the node that was added last.

Declare the ivar:

@implementation YourClass
    __weak CCNode* _lastAddedNode;

When adding a node:

[self addChild:someSprite];
_lastAddedNode = someSprite;

If you want to be able to access the node by name, you'd have to give it a unique name. But this isn't really necessary with the ivar approach.

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Thanks, missed that way of do this. – karek Jun 19 '14 at 13:14

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