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i try to play an mp3 from an location on my harddrive.

The file is located in here:

C:\Itunes\Music\Eminem\The Eminem Show [Explicit]\18 'Till I Collapse [Explicit].mp3

There are a lot of special characters in this path like [ and '. When i try to load the file with following code:

path = URLEncoder.encode(path, "UTF-8");
Media hit = new Media("file:///"+path);
MediaPlayer mediaPlayer = new MediaPlayer(hit);

i get an "illegal character" error in pathname.

My operating system is windows 8.

I'm very new to java and hope i find some help.

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I believe you need to encode your URI

See: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ie/archive/2006/12/06/file-uris-in-windows.aspx

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I do not understand what you want me to say. I try to load an URI from the Filepath like file.toUri() and load the path from the uri to the mediaplayer. It doenst work. –  BeeZerk Jun 19 at 13:19
Oh sorry, I did not read your code very well! Is the Media constructor throwing the error? Or is the URLEncoder throwing it? –  Insert username here Jun 19 at 13:34
The Mediaplayer throws the error –  BeeZerk Jun 19 at 13:53
I think its actually the Media constructor throwing the error. Check this this out. It would appear that the URI you tried to use is not rfc2396 compliant, ish... If you go to page 10 here, you will see that square braces are listed as 'unwise'. I would try simply printing out the escaped path and double checking that all the odd characters are indeed escaped. –  Insert username here Jun 19 at 15:57
C%3A%5CItunes5CMusic%5CEminem%5CThe+Eminem+Show+%5BExplicit%5D%5C18+%27Till+I+Co‌​llapse+%5BExplicit%5D.mp3 that is my encoded file path. Encoded with UTF-8. –  BeeZerk Jun 19 at 16:28

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