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As the title suggests I'm stuck with a MouseDown problem. What I want in "pseudocode"

While ("#arrowUp").mouseDown(function() {
    counter++; //One time directly when pressed
    if(MouseDownTime > 500){ //500ms that is
       setTimeOut({counter++}, 75);  //Meaning, every 75ms counter++


I have been looking around at Stack Overflow for over two days now. And I succeeded to increment every 75ms, but then I couldn't build in the if(MouseDownTime > 500)-statement, while still being able to increase the counter every 75ms after the 500ms.

$("#tempUp").mousedown(function() {     //When longer pressed, automatically faster increase Temperature
    int = setInterval(editTemp(currTemp+1), 250);
                .mouseup(function() {
    numberOfRepeats = 0;        

This is code I have of of my function so far. Could anyone help me out? Or am I asking the question in a wrong way? (non-constructive)

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If I understand you correctly you can make use of a combination of setTimeout and setInterval, like so:

$(document).ready(function () {
    var temp = 0; // Initial value to set when clicked
    var to = null; // Timeout object
    var int = null; // Interval object

    $("#tempUp").on("mousedown", function () {
        to = setTimeout(function () {
            int = setInterval(function () {
            }, 75); // Interval time for which to increment the temp value; every 75 ms on mouse down
        }, 500); // Initial wait time after first click = 500 ms
    }).on("mouseup", function () {
        clearTimeout(to); // Clear the timeout
        clearInterval(int); // Clear the interval

See this FIDDLE for an example.

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Thanks alot! It makes my site alot better! Strange though that I couldn't find this anywhere. Seems to me that alot of people use this. –  Richard Dirven Jun 19 '14 at 14:10
Glad I could help! It seems indeed like it's something lots of people use, but it's kinda hard to describe the problem with one or few words. Maybe that's the reason it's hard to find anything about the matter. –  ZiNNED Jun 19 '14 at 14:40

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