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I have an application that uses implicit DataTemplates quite extensively (including loosely coupled view-locatoring for the ViewModels). When a View-ViewModel pair is registered together, a DataTemplate is created in code, which has the specified view as its root, and its DataType is set to the viewmodel's. That DataTemplate is then added to the Application.Current.Resources, with the correct DataTemplateKey as the key. Some of these views and viewmodels are in different assemblies, loaded dynamically.

Here is the funny bit: It all works. On .NET 4.5.

I made a separate build for 4.0, for legacy purposes. The implicit DataTemplates with views/viewmodels defined in different assemblies don't get applied. I have checked the Application.Current.Resources, the templates are there. If I call FindResource from Immediate Window, it returns the correct template, if I call LoadContent it instantiates the correct view. Yet at runtime nothing gets applied when I bind a newly created instance of a ViewModel to a ContentControl.

I also know that it's not this issue, I do have a dummy in my App.xaml (and I indeed needed it in .NET 4.5 as well).

So anyone got any idea what subtle difference between 4.0 and 4.5 is causing me the grief? Or what missing reference did I forget to add when I recreated the csprojs for 4.0?

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