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Based on my experience with Zedgraph I could not set both of X and Y axes scale same to have a correct scatter graph! Assume we have a square grid of 10x10m cells in which each cell is a square shape 1x1m. when we try to draw points of such data, the output is not acceptable because each axis scaled to different scale. It is worse when we try to call Zoomall, then we find all points are fitted to chart area regardless their equal spacing! I hope someone can help me to find a solution. Although Zedgraph is flexible library but this is a big fault!

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What exactly do you want to achieve? To force the same Min and Max for both scales, or to draw it in such manner, that a square (in real data) would also be drawn as a square (not a rectangle representation based on current scales settings)? –  Gacek Mar 12 '10 at 17:29

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Is Scale.IsAnyOrdinal true for any Axis.Scale's ?

ZedGraph appears to position nodes based on index offset rather than node value when the Scale.Type is set to AxisType.Text, Ordinal, DateAsOrdinal, or LinearAsOrdinal.

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