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I have an object which is a composite of several other objects. When i use the getObjectSize() method in the Instrumentation package, does it include the size of the composite objects also?

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The API doc says:

The result may include some or all of the object's overhead, and thus is useful for comparison within an implementation but not between implementations. The estimate may change during a single invocation of the JVM.

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No. The returned size reflects the size of that object - it includes the references that object holds, but not the size of the objects being referred to. (And, as others have noted, it's not guaranteed to actually be correct.)

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getObjectSize(Object obj) returns the storage consumed by the specified object (obj)... so you will get the size of whatever you will specify.

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Not necessarily. It returns an approximate value of the size, that too dependent on the implementation. – Ravi Gupta Mar 12 '10 at 7:14

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