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So I followed the documentation closely on AngularJS.org (under the Datepicker section of the Bootstrap docs), but as of now when a new date (other than the default date) is selected the input field updates, but not the directive. The directive does however update only when you manually edit the input field. I'm new to AngularJS, but I've search everywhere and I can't seem to find to right answer for this issue.

Here's my controller:

var QuizCntrl = function ($scope) {

// Sets the default date, making adjustments for meetings that would otherwise land on a weekend date.
$scope.date_selected = new Date();
if($scope.date_selected.getDay() == 3 || $scope.date_selected.getDay() == 4)
    $scope.date_selected.setDate($scope.date_selected.getDate() + 5);
    $scope.date_selected.setDate($scope.date_selected.getDate() + 3);

// Clears selection
$scope.clear = function () {
    $scope.date_selected = null;

  // Disable weekend selection
$scope.disabled = function(date, mode) {
    return ( mode === 'day' && ( date.getDay() === 0 || date.getDay() === 6 ) );

$scope.minDate = new Date();

// $scope.$watch('date_selected', function() {
// });

$scope.open = function($event) {

    $scope.opened = true;

$scope.dateOptions = {
    formatYear: 'yy',
    startingDay: 0

$scope.initDate = new Date('2016-15-20');
$scope.formats = ["shortDate"];
$scope.format = $scope.formats[0];


Here's my view (for the date picker only):

        <div class="jumbotron" ng-controller="QuizCntrl"">
              <p class="input-group">
                    <input type="text" class="form-control" datepicker-popup="shortDate" ng-model="date_selected" is-open="opened" min-date="minDate" max-date="'2015-06-22'" datepicker-options="dateOptions" date-disabled="disabled(date, mode)" ng-required="true" close-text="Close" />
                    <span class="input-group-btn">
                           <button type="button" class="btn btn-default" ng-click="open($event)"><i class="glyphicon glyphicon-calendar"></i></button>
              {{date_selected | date:'fullDate' }}
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$scope.date_selected = null; is basically a big no-no. AngularJS's internal watch process relies on you keeping the reference to $scope objects intact. –  Sergiu Paraschiv Jun 19 '14 at 15:04
Can you create a plunkr to play with the sample? –  Braulio Jun 19 '14 at 15:04

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