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I need to add a new SELECT statement whose search condition include something like leagueCode LIKE 'nba%'.

I would like to know if the index against leagueCode is still exploitable or introduce any overhead after % is included in the target column.

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Do you mean: ` leagueCode like 'nba%' `? Otherwise you're not doing a wildcard search at all, you looking for the literal characters 'nba[percent character]' – nocache Mar 12 '10 at 7:51
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it depends 100% on the position of the wildcard.

  • At the beginning: no index. Some servers have inverse indices (starting at the end of the string) and would use them - SQL Server does not.
  • In the middle: Partial index (beginning part), then seeking within that range.
  • in the end: Index (Acutally an INDEX SEEK will be shown in the query analyzer).

Overhead? Sure - but it is not exactly high (no table scan) and there is not exactly a way to work around it.

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Yes, the index can still be used because you have a constant prefix (nba in this case).

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