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My company is moving from a single EC2 server to Heroku. We have to move over some old apache rewrite code for this. I'm using the rack-rewrite gem to help with the redirections. This is super slow though as we have a lot of routes that get rewritten. I would like to check the beginning of a route and if it matches allow rack-rewrite to search through the map. This is my current code

require 'rack/rewrite'
def write_map(map_type)
  puts "Writing #{map_type} map"
  use Rack::Rewrite do
    # Is there something I can put here to make it match /users* before it goes through and looks at the rest of the routes?
    map = File.open(Rails.root.join("lib", "rewrites", "#{map_type}_map.txt"), 'r')
    map.each_line do |line|
      split = line.split(" ")
      r301 "/#{map_type}/#{split[0]}", split[1]

# A couple more lines of write_map
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