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I have having trouble saving objects with RStudio. Below is my console. Why does data turn out to be a string and not a vector?

> test=c(1,2,3,4,5)
> save(test,file="G:/R/Projects/Forecast Assymetry/Output/result.Rdata")
> data<-load(file="G:/R/Projects/Forecast Assymetry/Output/result.Rdata")
> data
[1] "test"
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I think you just want to load. Once you do that, test will exist. –  rrs Jun 19 at 15:49
to clarify: don't assign the results of load to data. The behaviour you're expecting is what you would get from saveRDS/readRDS. –  Ben Bolker Jun 19 at 15:52
@rrs Thank you. –  Nick Jun 19 at 15:55
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Simply do

test=c(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
save(test, file = "G:/R/Projects/Forecast Assymetry/Output/result.Rdata")
load(file = "G:/R/Projects/Forecast Assymetry/Output/result.Rdata")

This will work, you don't want to point your load to anything, it will simply conserve the object names.

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The return value of load (see ?load) is

"A character vector of the names of objects created, invisibly."

which is what you are getting. There is however an object created by the name of test already in your workspace. For example, try:


after the load command.

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