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I manage a web application , which for we produce logging and debugging information on stderr, which apache handles well for us.

We have an additional requirement to log some audit large dumps of (approx 40-500 lines, per entry) information which we don't want to include the stderr logs - to avoid cluttering them.

It should be possible to send this to another log file, but I need to manage locking the files etc. So that we a guaranteed that only single process writes at once. And hence the entries do not become interleaved.

I can see three basic approaches:

  1. Use syslog, or another packaged deamon.
  2. Spawn a write worker process from the first cgi which notices the working process is missing and send it the entries to log from the following.
  3. Just use some sort file lock to lock the file during the entries write process.

I'm running on debian on I don't really want to add a custom package if I can help it, I certainly don't want to add an adhoc application daemon - the management cost of those is larger than necessary.

Specifically what I don't want to do is have to worry one of by cgi processes will either lose logging information or block because the log writer process has gone missing , so I would hope to find either no daemon,and autostarted daemon, a reliable (ie, in the debian packaging system[0] ) daemon.

So I have:

  1. failed to find an appropriate library with the exception of syslog which handle this sort of work.,
  2. Found a library which does this, I could code it myself but it is replete with opportunities for race-hazards so i'm somewhat shy.

My uses to the logged information will be to do spot checks on data-integrity within the rest of the system.

But it strikes me this must be a relatively common requirement.

What do others do? Is there a library I've missed, In general how would any of you solve this problem.?

I've just found scribe/fluentd and they look interesting, but I'm not sure I want to add a hadoop instance just for the logging..

[0]. Yes I know this is a low bar for reliability but it is sensible one as means it will be reconfigured on system updates and not left to (bit)rot in a corner.

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