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Is there any possible way to change the "cancel" tool tip that pops up over the X box on a dijit.dialog? I just want it to read "close".

I'm somewhat new to dojo. I expect this might be just a dumb question that has a really easy answer, but I am finding no examples.

Thanks in advance.

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simple and quick suppose it is your dialog script

<!-- language: lang-js -->
 var defaultDialog = new dijit.Dialog({
         id: 'defaultDialog',
         title: 'I can change the world',
         draggable: false,
         duration: 500

     defaultDialog.closeButtonNode.title = 'Close';

Hi, I write this solution for a client that 3hs of hard and deep workaround dojo & dijits source / documentation.

Regards JAS

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That's the buttonCancel NLS string from dijit/nls... so you could do one of:

  1. modify the translations in dijit's nls/ directory
  2. override the Dialog class defining a new template (instead of Dialog.html) that has your title text
  3. try following code

    dojo.connect(dijit.Dialog.prototype, "postMixInProperties", function()
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