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I am creating a excel using namespace "Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel"

I have list of users that I am getting from Database. That users list will change frequently.

Dim officers As List(Of String) = List.[Select](Function(p) p.OfficerAssigned).Distinct().ToList()

How can I create column for each user ? After B, its C and after C, its D. How can I dynamically increase the column alphabet ?

Dim aRange As Range = ws.Range("B2", "B2")
    aRange.Value2 = officers(i).ToString()
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Assuming you have a referenced object for the current worksheet of "worksheet" and you want to start at column "A" and it is the first row...

For I as int32 = 1 to officers.count
 worksheet.cells(1,i) = officers(I-1)
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