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I'm launching a bunch of java processes from NodeJS (via child_process.spawn). Technically, I'm launching Leiningen (a Clojure build tool, lein). Later I try to kill them and all their children. But it almost never works and all I get is an Activity Monitor (OSX) filled with javas.

I kill them by first running thisProcess.kill(leinProcess.pid); (defaults to SIGTERM), waiting 1 second and then calling leinProcess.kill("SIGKILL");.

All the processes and the main process are run under the same user.

Running killall -9 java from command line works.

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The problem was with orphaned java sub-sub-processes. See this readme for an explanation and solution: https://github.com/indexzero/ps-tree

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How would I use that on windows? –  Fagner Brack Nov 8 at 9:01

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