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I want to map the result of a native SQL query to a simple bean in grails, similar to what the @SqlResultSetMapping annotation does.

For example, given a query

select x.foo, y.bar, z.baz from //etc...

map the result to

class FooBarBaz {
  String foo
  String bar
  String baz

Can anyone provide an example of how to do this in grails? Thanks in advance.

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Duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/2088641/… –  ataylor Mar 12 '10 at 18:16
Hi Taylor, the post you're linking to involves mapping to a domain class - a different case entirely. –  armandino Mar 12 '10 at 19:57

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I tested this successfully in the Grails console

import groovy.sql.Sql

class FooBarBaz {
  String foo
  String bar
  String baz

// Initialising the Sql object like this ensures that the SQL statement
// will participate in the current transaction (if one exists)          
// 'ctx' refers to the Spring ApplicationContext when using the Grails console  
def sessionFactory = ctx.getBean('sessionFactory')
Sql sql = new Sql(sessionFactory.currentSession.connection())

def query = 'select email, user_real_name, phone from user'
def results = []
sql.eachRow query, {row -> results << new FooBarBaz(foo: row.email, bar: row.user_real_name, baz: row.phone)}
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